Stress Management and Resilience Training

Course objectives

  • To define stress and pressure.
  • To understand what stress is and what it isn’t.
  • To identify with improving personal happiness and wellbeing and the work-life balance.
  • To identify pressure, points, sources of stress at work and at home, and the first signs of distress in self and others.
  • To explore the effects of stress, pressure, and poor overall health.
  • To investigate self-harm, the reasons for and the appropriate responses.
  • To identify personal and organisational support factors.
  • To apply a range of coping strategies and mechanisms in practical examples.
  • To utilise the tools and techniques to manage stress and build resilience through an effective Excellence Portfolio.

Course content

This course comprises four modules based on RISE; namely, Recognise, Identify, Support, and Empower. Each module includes ten lessons with an opening objective-setting introduction. It can be delivered through online LMS, Teams or classroom.

Module 1) Recognise

0Course structure, administration, objectives and expectations
1Defining stress and pressure
2The human factor curve
3The signs of stress
4Stressors in life and work
5Stress analysis and personal assessment
6Human capability – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions
7Living the dream
8Work-life balance
9Emotional intelligence
10Managing expectations

Module 2) Identify

0Course structure, administration, objectives and expectations
1Pressure points
2Signs of stress and distress
4Breaking the cycle and the slippery slope
5Stress Management worksheet
6Problem-solving skills
7Decision-making skills
8Critical-thinking skills
9Moving mountains
10Monkeys, elephants and anchors

Module 3) Support

0Course structure, administration, objectives and expectations
1Personal resources
2Team resources
3Organisational resources
4Other resources
5Stress diary
6Diet, exercise and relaxation
7Thankfulness, gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance
8Simple coping mechanisms, including a downloadable 5-min breathing exercise
9Building resilience
10More than flight, fight or freeze

Module 4) Empower

0Course structure, administration, objectives and expectations
4Influence and persuasion
5Authentic leadership
6Building SMARTER teams
7Seeker, Keeper, Joiner or Driver
8The healthy culture
9The Excellence Portfolio
10Moving forward

Course Director Kevin Hart BA (Hons) MA SHRM MCIPD, IiE MD and Programme Director is specialist in People Services. Kevin’s vast experience is in delivering Strategic Human Resource Management in civilian and military appointments to fully unlock potential and improve the human capability of the whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. His extensive experience, and people-centred manner ensures you will gain a wealth of knowledge. Kevin is SMART Train the Trainer qualified. Your certificate will be issued by Investors in Excellence Training Limited.