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Lean Six Sigma

‘Lean’ approaches create greater value for customers through the utilisation of fewer resources. Our proven and expert approaches will enable you to do this through targeted and measurable improvements that produce sustainable value and positive returns.

A key aspect of our approach is to consistently challenge the way things are done and seek every opportunity to identify waste and inefficiencies.

The ultimate ‘Lean’ target is the total elimination of waste.

Our tailored programmes will enable you to deliver:

  • Identification and elimination of waste
  • Added value to customers
  • Making things simpler
  • Increased efficiency and improved profits
  • Greater customer satisfaction

Whether it’s Yellow, Green, or Black Belt Certification, sponsor training, coaching people to deliver successful projects, using statistical tools for analysis or a combination of these you’re looking for, you’re in safe hands.

We utilise a range of proven approaches, including:

  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) – recognised as a world-class approach to improving processes and solving problems
  • Disciplined project management to provide a powerful structured approach that will drive sustainable process improvement

Our tailored programmes will enable you to deliver:

  • Sustainable cost savings
  • Improvement in customer and employee satisfaction
  • Increased quality and reliability
  • Improved capacity and output
  • Development of staff skills through proactive rather than reactive improvement actions
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