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The Excellence Academy

IiE is the premier organisation providing exceptional products and services as exemplars and multipliers for businesses to utilise on the journey to excellence and success.

Our Excellence Academy is characterised as a HUB of knowledge to encourage and provide a honed business intelligence, skills, standards and best practices, not limited to sectors, size, complexity or location of business, to enable excellent working pervading an organisation.

This is essential to achieving optimal organisational performance improvement, and the economic, effective, efficient, excellent working of an organisation, business or company.

To support innovation-led relative regional growth by identifying and supporting areas of research and development strengths that are driving clusters of businesses across a range of sizes that have potential to innovate and to adopt new technologies; in order that those clusters will become nationally and internationally competitive.

To enhance local collaborations involving research and innovation. Building on the underpinning regional economic impact role of universities, research institutes, Catapults and other R&D facilities, such as Innovation and Knowledge Centres, and engaging those businesses at the forefront of delivering economic growth through innovation within the identified economic geography.

Excellence Academy
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