Achieving Excellence is an innovative executive development programme designed for leaders at all levels who are charged with implementing strategy, operational performance and delivering improved business results.

It enables participants to understand their potential and achieve new levels of performance in themselves and others.

Aligned to organisations’ strategic objectives, it challenges traditional thinking and generates the potential for delivering exceptional results.

Programme output drives improvements in:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Employee well-being, engagement and commitment
  • Organisational culture
  • Organisational performance and results


Participants will learn new best-practice models, frameworks and tools for elevating their leadership capabilities and delivering extraordinary performance.

All will complete a short snapshot assessment alongside pre-course reading as prerequisites to gain a real insight into their strategic leadership perceptions.

The programme then combines a mix of interactive lectures, exercises and discussions, to help build a complete picture of individual potential and understand how they can become excellent leaders.

Participants will be challenged to apply their learning to a business issue or challenge they are currently facing.


Achieving Excellence is a four-day programme. Delivery is flexible and can be over consecutive days or over several months. We will agree a schedule that works best for your organisation.

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