Many businesses and organisations talk about being centres of excellence, but this is predominantly about one area speciality, such as manufacturing excellence, or a collective term for professional intelligence, such as teaching excellence

The case for establishing The UK Centre of Excellence (UKCOE) is the intent for a premier collaboration based in a leading UK University to provide an exceptional product or service in a clearly defined way to enhance the capacity and capabilities of technology, business, research or government, consistent with the unique requirements and competencies of the Investors in Excellence (IiE) Standard.

UK Centre of excellence

The intent of this initiative is to deliver sustaining critical capabilities and supporting research in clearly defined market and sector excellence to substantially improve performance, better results and bottom-line improvement in business.

A COE is the premier organisation providing exceptional products and services as exemplars and multipliers for businesses to utilise on the journey to excellence and success.

A COE is characterised as a HUB of knowledge to encourage and provide honed business intelligence, skills, standards and best practices, not limited to sectors, size, complexity or location of business, to enable excellent working pervading an organisation.

A COE is essential to achieving optimal organisational performance improvement, and the economic, effective, efficient, excellent working of an organisation, business or company. The end result is success.

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