Optimal organisational performance improvement – 280%

IiE optimises performance improvement in organisations by establishing agreed norms or principles for how staff, teams, groups and the whole organisation operate – and sticks to them rigorously.

Enshrined in our Principles of Excellence, these norms cover:

  • Obligations of people to a team and the organisation
  • How performance is fairly and consistently assessed.
  • How people best work together
  • What motivates best performance
  • How the organisation relates to its customers
  • Effective and efficient communication

In 1913, a French agricultural engineer named Max Ringelmann noticed that when people work in a group, they put in less effort than when working on their own. This is called the ‘Ringelmann effect’ or social loafing. It describes the tendency for individual productivity to fall as group size increases.

Our tools and techniques for excellence are aimed at optimal organisational performance improvement, getting every person, every part and every process pulling together for success, and we aim to better our current best of 280%.

You can put on a one person show, or we can build a stage for all to perform on.

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