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Built environmentJudy Hart is Key Relationship Manager for the Built Environment at Investors in Excellence. Also, as IiE’s Head of Business Development, she leads a team of subject matter experts to help multi-national private sector organisations through to micro businesses and similar spread of public bodies, of all sizes and sectors, to focus on enhancing performance and productivity improvement.

IiE uses a range of value-adding services, toolkits and approaches, underpinned by the framework of the Investors in Excellence Standard (IiEStandard), to help organisations excel and sustain high performance, through the transfer of knowledge and a passion for continuous improvement.
Judy has been with IiE for the last 13 years, following a senior career in banking in corporate lending and risk management. She knows how critical it is for an organisation to develop the clarity, capability and capacity within its structure and to align everything to what matters most to deliver results. This is why Judy is passionate about a service that puts a customer, and what matters most to them and the goals of the business, at the heart of everything; delivered through trust and confidence and a commitment to make results sustainable.
It’s with this focus that Judy will lead a session at the Built Environment Midlands Construction Summit on “Focusing People, Process and Productivity to deliver results”. Judy has established projects with clients in construction and many other sectors, and works with them to develop what they can achieve in the most holistic manner. Based in Lincolnshire, Judy works with all regions of the UK, and has developed international partnerships in the Middle East and Europe. We put some topical sector issues to Judy for her comments, and this is what she told us:

What do you think is affecting the productivity within the construction industry the most?

“The increasing pressure on delivering the best specification solutions to tight and squeezed budgets is overtaking the traditional ways of approaching projects. Bringing the two parts together is a challenge to achieving increased productivity.”

In your opinion, what do you think every business, within the construction industry, can do to improve their own productivity?

“The businesses within the built environment sector all have the opportunity to examine project delivery arrangements in fine detail. If that is done, then they will be able to identify the smallest areas that can be improved in their processes that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or undelivered. Putting in place a sustainable solution, taking notice of tried and tested approaches from other industries, having a real focus on providing clarity to all stakeholders, contractors, staff, investors and customers of what is important will build capability and capacity to deliver better results for everyone involved. It will create future opportunities for more business, enhance productivity and drive up excellence in the supply chain.”

Why do you think it is essential that industry experts attend the Midlands Construction Summit?

“The identification and sharing of best practice within the industry will be visible at the Midlands Construction Summit. Industry experts offer their time and talents to spread this good practice. We are never too old or clever to learn new ways of working. If an organisation takes away just one small nugget of knowledge or new idea, or builds confidence that an idea they have wanted to implement for some time should be tried on return – great things will happen. It’s valuable time out for any business leaders to reflect and to grow in confidence. Trust me – I’ve seen it happen!”
Thank you Judy!
If you would like to learn more of what Judy and her team can do for you, or would like to hear her speak in person at the Summit, please get in touch with us here.

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