Excellence – available for you in all colours

Excellence in all coloursExcellence is not just a matter of black and white. There are many shades of grey across the excellence spectrum, as well as a multitude of colours. Your organisation will have its own attitude and preference across the excellence field, but it is certain that you will encounter some part of the following as part of your excellence journey.

Different intensities of colours and patterns will emerge as part of what is developed in becoming an excellent organisation. Let’s look at some examples.

Black and White

Some people only operate in black and white. If you are a mathematician, or a line judge in tennis, then such an approach might be acceptable to get the job done. In the world of excellence this is rarely the case. This is often due to the fact that the commitment to the continuous improvement process will mean that few things remain fixed forever. Keep looking to be better, it will make your organisation more effective.

Belts and Braces

Six Sigma looks to improve processes in your organisation. IiE can help train your people to become qualified in the “belt” system. These belts run from Yellow, through Green, to Black. To be totally accurate, there is also a white belt to be aware of, but only in conjunction with the other colours. (As we said, nothing in excellence should be seen as just black and white.)

Shades of Grey

Your will know from experience what you do well, and what can be improved. All it may require is the correct method and approaches for achieving the desired improvement. Having dealt with a large variety of organisations in the public and private sectors for 20 years, IiE understands that the solutions need to be tailored to suit specific needs. The Investors in Excellence Standard is a framework that can be built upon to deliver the best results for time and effort invested.

IiE can help you see the excellence world in colour, and not be limited by a black and white outlook. Contact us now to learn more about how our Approaches and Business Improvement Toolkit can help your organisation.