What Lies Beneath?

The story

In the film “What Lies Beneath” on the surface everything looks great but, as Claire starts asking questions, it becomes obvious that things are not all as they seem.

Treasure the questions

Asking questions is the only way to find answers. Yes, we know that sounds like we’re stating the obvious, but so often we avoid asking them and even when we do sometimes we’re asking the wrong ones.

To ask the right questions you have to be prepared for answers you may not like to hear. But in these answers you can find the ways to grow and develop your organisation in ways you didn’t think possible.

Plan the Question, Question the Plan

Too often plans are written and set in stone but as business leaders our role should be to continually question the plan. Environments change and our plans should adapt and change to match, asking the right questions is vital to keeping a forward direction of travel.

How do I ask the right questions?

So now we know we need to ask questions, how do we make sure we are asking the right ones? This is where a framework or standard can be so helpful. A tried and tested structure for asking the questions with external viewpoints being brought to bear can be the fast track for success. The IiE Standard has a proven track record of helping business leaders discover the things that matter to the success of their business by asking the right questions.

Start asking the right questions today

Start by downloading 10 Questions to focus on what matters most and get you on the path to success. Put them to your colleagues too, this will test if you’ve communicated plans effectively. Then get in touch with IiE today to start working on the answers for developing your business.