Training develops your people and improves profits

training peopleTraining your people to the level that allows them to deliver the actions that your organisation needs is one of the greatest investments you can make. As long as it is planned carefully, the returns can lead to huge transformation in the effectiveness of what you do.

The most successful organisations show that there is a need for a balance in the training that you undertake, and recognise that in certain situations a tailored approach will yield greater results than a “one size fits all” attitude. At IiE our specialists will work with you to design the most suitable solution.

The process for achieving success can be broken down into the following steps.

1. Training Needs Analysis

Your people will be able to advise of areas they feel are lacking in their skill sets,and this may be raised as part of an appraisal or performance review meeting.

2. Develop Training Specification

Once a need has been identified, there is a requirement to establish the specification of the training solution, and what will be required to meet the challenge and solve the problem.

3. Training Style and Personality

Depending upon the specific area in need of a solution, the style of training will vary. It could involve a short and very directed interaction with a large group, or could better achieve the required outcome with a smaller team over several sessions. Personality has a part to play,and can range from a lecture style through to coaching and collaboration.

4. Training Plan and Evaluation

With a need, specification, and style agreed, the training needs to be planned and tested for effectiveness. The evaluation process of the proposed solution should be put in place in readiness for the project ahead, and actions for improvements and learning points agreed.

5. Design and Delivery

Having completed the process of the course design, then the final step is to design and produce materials, confirm the methods of delivery and deployment of the solution, and then deliver the training to the participants.

This is merely one example of an approach to be taken to Training within your organisation. Contact us now to find out how we can help you further.