Leadership – how to be a really robust winner

south-wimbledon-underground-signLeadership has had quite a week. There have been seismic shifts in sport and politics, and the highest profile events were not widely expected. Between spoonfuls of strawberries and cream it has been more a case of “Brexit” than “Break Point”.   The way in which an organisation approaches changes, including those involving leadership, is a reflection on the values it works with.

The Investors in Excellence Standard measures the effectiveness of Leading, and examines how important areas are managed to ensure the continued improvement of what an organisation does.

Good leadership is underpinned by the use of robust processes and a strategy of contingency planning that is established and regularly reviewed as part of an organisation’s DNA.

You may wish to consider how such an approach has been applied to recent events

  1. The position of the EU on the UK’s vote to leave
  2. The position of a political party on the sudden resignation announcement by its leader
  3. The position of a political party on the sudden no confidence vote against its leader
  4. The position of a sporting association on the resignation of its national team manager

How would your own organisation have faced such challenges? Organisations that IiE work with have proved during assessment that an Investor in Excellence excels in the following areas:

Forecasts and trends

ensures the organisation anticipates change and responds effectively to opportunities

Strategy and planning

addresses internal and external factors to develop sound and secure approaches to the achievement of future goals

Policies and objectives

identifies activities required to support meaningful strategies and plans that are aligned with what matters most


monitors and reviews results to keep the organisation focused on delivering what matters most

Continuous improvement

creates an environment where people are inspired and constantly strive for excellence

At some point during the Wimbledon fortnight there will be expected rain for spectators, and unexpected victories for unseeded players. In the wider world the public have been reminded of the reality that each of the tournament, the union, the team, and the party have their own specific way out.

Your serve?