How do you improve your organisation’s performance?

illuminated-lightbulb-amid-dim-bulbs--creativity-and-innovationHow do you improve your organisation’s performance and results? The options can depend on which sector you work in, and how you are assessed for your outcomes against any targets that you have. Some of these measures are internal, and others will be driven by needs and requirements of external stakeholders and regulators.

IiE have have worked with a wide range of organisations over many years, and the one guaranteed finding that we encounter is that the most successful of them approach the challenge of being excellent on an holistic basis. The Investors in Excellence Standard breaks down into four distinct performance areas covered by

As part of the process of measuring performance and excellence, IiE will work closely with you do establish What Matters Most to all parts of your organisation, and ensure that those in need of improvement are brought up to standard by use of effective Approaches and Diagnostic Tools

At IiE we have a unique framework for improvement and assessment, providing any organisation with a roadmap to achieve high performance. We see it as the world’s only Standard that covers all areas of an organisation. It is used across the public, private, and not for profit voluntary and charity sectors. The Standard is robust but adaptable to any type of activity focus, and leads to fantastic results when adopted fully across organisations.

Recently, a client in the housing sector has seen the benefit of using the IiE framework and the methods it contains. They confirmed that “It has been a great source of inspiration and motivation, [and] instilled a clarity and rigour” (Learn more)