Connected Excellence is an innovative performance improvement programme that is closely aligned to organisations’ strategic aims.

The approach is tailored to support specific requirements such as increased customer focus, organisational development, culture change and sustaining growth.

Working with single or multiple teams, divisions and organisations, IiE facilitates a simple but robust self-assessment, with participants scoring performance in key areas and providing written feedback.

IiE’s unique analysis aligns responses and scores to identify where roles and personal areas of responsibility can be developed.

This is combined with a more holistic view of making the organisation(s) more excellent in line with their wider objectives.

IiE also aligns responses to the five Pillars of Excellence – Vision, Competency, Agility, Communication and Ownership – which highlights the key areas for focus and pinpoints the organisational attributes for development, improvement and measurement.

The very precise approach forms the basis for a highly-bespoke, strategically-aligned journey to excellence. Delivering real value, it ensures that all improvement activity is focused on meeting organisations’ objectives, while at the same time identifying and addressing areas that have the potential to hold them back.

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