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A ‘Process Thinking’ mindset


By using the Investors in Excellence approach to process management, GVA’s Property Management Accounts (PMA) Division are better able to:

  • Understand their customer’s experience
  • Enhance effective teamwork, ownership and accountability
  • Identify and develop new skills for their people
  • Plan more efficient product and service design
  • Establish process skills and expertise across their organisation
  • Develop a ‘Process Thinking’ mindset

Background to GVA

Headquartered in London and with 12 offices and 700 fee earners across the UK, GVA Ltd. (operating as Bilfinger GVA) is one of the largest commercial property advisers operating throughout the UK and Ireland.

PMA is part of the Property Management Consultancy team at Bilfinger GVA which delivers a highly professional and tailored commercial property management service and is led by Director, Chief Operating Officer, PMC Sharon Walton. Clients include property developers, investors and occupiers in the public and private sectors.

GVA’s Challenges

Already familiar with Investors in Excellence having worked with our business improvement experts at three other organisations, Sharon Walton brought us in to first help PMA, which since its expansion in 2010 has seen massive growth and is today managing over 42,000 properties and over 4,000 cashiering transactions, handling £1.6 billion in treasury transactions by a team that has expanded from 40 to 120 staff.

PMA and Investors in Excellence Working Together

The expansion of the PMA division was followed by an 18-month change programme which took a ‘back to basics’ approach to its scrutiny of people and processes. Sharon knew that our no-nonsense approach to process improvement would help to engage and enable team members at all levels with relevant training so that the right people were equipped to deliver the right processes.

We helped PMA to understand their core and support processes by capturing those processes visually, identifying the links, interdependencies, scope and boundaries of the processes and making the roles and responsibilities for process management clear.

Sharon and her team set up a Performance Improvement Group (PIG), a cross-functional pool of staff drawn from every level of the wider team, who acted as the ‘sponsors’ for continuous improvement. Supported by Investors in Excellence, the PIG ensured that everyone became an owner of a process with each individual team producing a SIPOC (Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers) for each of their processes; each SIPOC being reviewed and approved by the Leadership Group.

The results

The work that the PMA team undertook has in particular had immense benefit in focusing teams on their key objectives and identifying where they may be off course.

Measures show that improvements have been made to the delivery of services and the effectiveness of processes and a strong culture of improvement is being embedded, driven by the directors.

In setting up the PIG and asking each individual team to write a SIPOC, process mapping becomes the ‘everyday norm’, and this has created a culture where proactive processes are delivered by confident staff who are achieving and often exceeding KPIs’.

“The beauty of Investors in Excellence is that it is not them who deliver the solution but our staff – this makes it a sustainable project. As soon as we identify a risk that has crystallised or a process which could be more efficient, we all use the same toolkit to solve it. In turn, the chosen tools bring many innovative solutions.” Sharon Walton, Director, Chief Operating Officer PMC, Bilfinger GVA.

Whether ‘mapping’, ‘gapping’ or establishing value streams, our aim is to equip your people with practical and effective tools that can be used time and time again.

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