Voting with my seat

In the 1930s, London Underground knew the effect of a loud seat design on their passengers as the train rattled along, and called this, ‘dazzle’. Too much dazzle and busyness was not good for customer satisfaction.

Often , the textiles chosen, mostly a moquette design, wouldn’t encourage you to wear that design on a blouse or shirt print, but people loved to sit on them. The purpose is clear. The train or bus company want you to be able to sit here, if you can, for the duration of your journey, to be safe, comfortable, and clean until you reach your destination.

Excellerators know that excellence is memorable, fresh, purposeful, and clear as we make our journey of excellence on the way to giving our best. That gets the vote of my backside! #excellence #investorsinexcellence #excellerate #excellerators #performanceimprovement #development #growth