Developing strategic leaders to drive performance improvement

IiE’s MD and Programme Director, Kevin Hart, explains how developing people is at the heart of any excellence journey.

Kevin Hart, MD of IiE

People who choose excellence know the benefits of working great and great work.

They start with themselves and ask, “How can I make my work more excellent?” They soon ask, “How can I make my team and my organisation excellent?”

Using the tried and tested tools and techniques of Investors in Excellence helps them to connect with others on the journey to excellence, share ideas and benchmark performance improvement and become a STRATEGIC LEADER.

If they can do it, why can’t I? Well, now you can!

Excellence is a cultural journey beginning where you are, travelling through change and arriving at improved performance. Along the way the feel-good factor, health, wellbeing, resilience and more besides all improve. These are some of the insights gained from those who have embarked on the Journey to Excellence.

As part of the Investors in Excellence approach to better results and bottom-line improvement, those who start the journey begin with improving their work, their place of work, their performance and their organisation. Excellence becomes the habit and not the act. It becomes the choice and not the chance. It’s infectious and soon others catch the bug.

Ordinary people start to do extraordinary things and the remarkable results not only lead to measurable improvements but also culture change.

So why not get started now?

The More Excellent Way opens the way to unlock the full potential of everyone.

Commit to become an Excellence Champion. The key to opening the first door to opportunity begins with the decision to embark on the journey to excellence.

If you want to go further on the journey you can book your ticket to become an Excellence Practitioner. With the Investors in Excellence Standard as your roadmap you will gain extra insights into the world of excellence.

Excellence Facilitators reach for the stars and you will be on the way to becoming a Strategic Leader – thinking and acting more strategically in your work.

And there’s more! Become an Exemplar

Beginning the journey to excellence doesn’t make you an expert but does allow you to be called an Exemplar – a person who demonstrates a better way of working for others to follow. You’ve started to discover the unique ways to make your work and your organisation excellent. When everyone in an organisation does this, organisational performance can improve by 280% and more in one year.

IiE will accompany you in your learning and development, making resources, support and tools available to you. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your journey and join in!

More details about becoming an Excellence Champion, Practitioner and Facilitator can be found here.

Talk to IiE about the next step and the opportunities open to you, your colleagues and your organisation.