Housing association takes its next step towards an excellent future

August 31st, 2017

Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association (Lincs Rural) is continuing to strive for high performance by committing to achieve the Investors in Excellence Standard.

Led by its Chief Executive John Howes, Lincs Rural has engaged with quality standards for more than ten years and is focused on continuous improvement in all areas of the organisation.

Professor David Head (Lincs Rural Chairman) and John Howe (Chief Executive) with IiE’s Bob Haywood.

John said: “Excellence is one of our core values and we want to build it into everything we do, so committing to the Investors in Excellence Standard was a natural next step.

“The Standard is attractive to both our Board and Leadership Team because it provides a set of principles and a broad framework to design and infuse excellence into our everyday processes, thus ensuring excellence becomes a way of life – not something that rests in the rhetoric of a value statement.

“Current and future residents of our housing schemes will benefit as, of course, will our people – for example, the scope of the Standard will help to develop leaders by making them excellence champions and giving them an opportunity to look across the whole organisation, not just one area.”

Huge benefits

Judy Hart, Chief Executive of Investors in Excellence, welcomed Lincs Rural to the growing ranks of organisations to work with the Standard, which drives optimised performance in all key business areas.

“It’s fantastic to see such enthusiasm from John and his team and we look forward to supporting them as they use framework of the Standard to achieve their strategic objectives,”

“We’ve already helped many housing associations across the country and I have no doubt that LRHA will see huge benefits as they build on their existing achievements.”

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