New ways of working in an increasingly digitising age

September 5th, 2019

A culture of innovation is key to embracing new ways of working, explains IiE’s Chief Executive, Judy Hart.

Investors in Excellence (IiE) always seeks to understand organisations and then to be understood.

With 24 years of global excellence success, we know what excellence looks like and what it doesn’t look like; what works for excellence and what doesn’t.

Make no mistake, the journey to excellence is a very individual one and we respect the uniqueness of every organisation we work with. That journey promises the excellent organisation delivering more excellent outcomes.

Success in new ways of working in an increasingly digitising age depends on three things:

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

The tried and tested tools, techniques and programmes of IiE refocus organisations, operations and, above all, people to innovate. We pay attention, accumulate, analyse, act and achieve to refocus every part, every process and every person in every organisation to be excellent.

Innovation harnesses the optimal performance of the organisation, its operations and the improving performance of its people.

We don’t drink our own champagne, but we rightly recognise those organisations globally who have become high and outperformers and enjoy organisational performance improvement of 280%.

Innovation also sets you apart from the competition to rise above the rest and be second to none. There’s no need to look over your shoulder on the journey to excellence because we are focused on the way forward.

Innovation for IiE is a unique approach to continuously improving called ‘See It, Say It, Sorted’. It helps you understand how well your organisation achieves your business goals and objectives:

  • Are your ways of working economic, effective, efficient and excellent?
  • Is your purpose meeting the needs and requirements of your people and your customers?
  • How good are your results?
  • Is your organisation learning, innovating and improving?

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