Ensure goals are achieved and that your people are part of the journey

Leading involves achieving what matters most by unifying the entire organisation and creating a successful culture where people constantly excel.

The Leading element of the Investors in Excellence Standard helps you to anticipate changes and trends as well as produce sensible plans. Good leaders ensure that what matters most in their organisation is clearly defined and consistently achieved for the benefit of all stakeholders.

An Investor in Excellence excels in the following areas:

Forecasts and trends – ensures the organisation anticipates change and responds effectively to opportunities

Strategy and planning – addresses internal and external factors to develop sound and secure approaches to the achievement of future goals

Policies and objectives – identifies activities required to support meaningful strategies and plans that are aligned with what matters most

Performance – monitors and reviews results to keep the organisation focused on delivering what matters most

Continuous improvement – creates an environment where people are inspired and constantly strive for excellence

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