IiE’s Eight Levels of Performance accelerate organisations’ excellence journeys and support strategic growth. 

Ranging from ‘disorganised’ to ‘out-performing’, they enable organisations to see their current performance level and visualise how they can develop.

Integrated into the IiE Standard – IiE’s unique framework for achieving excellence – the levels strengthen the Standard’s focus on supporting strategic aims and achieving sustainable growth.

Clients welcome the levels for their clarity, simplicity and strategic value.

Features and benefits for organisations include:

  • Easy to visualise where they are currently and identify where they want to be – and act accordingly.
  • Encourages those in the lower levels to develop more formal structures to provide a foundation for growth and greater customer focus.
  • Those moving up the scale will learn what improvements to make to be recognised as good, great, greater, high-performing and even outperforming.
  • Increased engagement from employees, with a desire to maintain momentum, leading to increased commitment and productivity
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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