IiE supports excellent governance, helping housing association boards to carry out their duties and make a difference to the organisations and people they serve.

Driven by the Principles of Excellence, our programmes enable boards to understand and proactively monitor the business and its compliance with regulatory standards and the chosen Code of Governance.

Facilitating robust processes and management by fact, we also help to establish the provision of regular updates in relation to key ‘early warning’ performance indicators/areas based on ‘what matters most’ to both the organisation and good governance.

Further outcomes enable boards to:

  • Lead and understand the organisation’s key strategic risks
  • Understand the key stresses on the business plan and the tolerances within which the business can operate
  • Apply robust due diligence to diversification/key projects/developments and understand both the pros and the cons
  • Ensure there is up-to-date and robust stock condition data upon which to drive the investment programme
  • Ensure homes are safe and secure, with the investment programme complying with all H&S requirements
  • Demonstrate they have the ability to identify problems at an early stage
  • Demonstrate they have the ability to drive change and address any identified issues within the business.





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