Where are you hiding your Lean Excellence?


Lean Excellence can be found within most organisations, but sometimes it does its best to hide. Concealment of the very thing that could make your organisation great is potentially frustrating your progress.

“The Machine that Changed the World”, by Jones, Womack and Ross, introduced the widespread approach of Lean Thinking, and quickly became a proven approach to doing things better across a variety of disciplines. As an organisation that adopts this Lean attitude, you can discover how to:

  • Understand and exceed your customer expectations
  • Dramatically improve quality
  • Reduce errors and defects
  • Identify and drive out waste from processes
  • Simplify your operations making them easier to manage
  • Reduce cost, cycle-time and time-to-market
  • Develop skills and knowledge that will generate continual value
  • Achieve your strategic goals faster than you thought possible.

Common Approaches

At IiE, our specialist practitioners use a range of tools and approaches to allow you to achieve the progress you want in making your organisation Lean and effective. There are several approaches to Lean transformation & business improvement available, and whilst there are organisations that now have their own versions, most still fall into one of three common approaches.

  • 1. Tool Based Approach
  • 2. Improvement Event Approach
  • 3. Lean Management System

Things to be aware of:

Improvement Capability – Do your people know how to act for improvement? Training the key people within your organisation will give the capability to utilise their fullest potential.

Management Systems and Behaviour – Once capability has been identified and validated via training, the management systems and people behaviour need to be examined to ensure they are not blocking progress. This is a cultural factor, and must give fitting processes and procedures to allow Lean Excellence attitudes to be positively applied.

Sustaining and Growing New Change Leaders – The capable and correctly behaving people and suitable systems need to be developed by innovative leadership to effectively apply the benefits of Lean Excellence to the organisation in the best possible ways. Having trained practitioners to achieve this is vital for any long lasting benefit, and should always take into account succession planning.

At IiE we can help you with the right tools for taking the best route on your Lean journey, and make a lasting contribution to your success.


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