Connected Excellence – Connecting Europe!

Leaders from one of the leading business schools in Latvia have thanked IiE for the “amazing workshops” delivered through the newly-launched Connected Excellence programme.

Achieving Excellence is a four-day executive leadership course, one of the dynamic elements of the ground-breaking Connected Excellence suite of programmes, tools and techniques designed to deliver optimal organisational improvement.

Programme output drives improvements in areas such as strategic thinking, effective decision-making and organisational culture, as well as overall organisational performance and results.

Riga-based Banku Augstskola’s main strategic requirement was to develop leaders at all levels who are able to enhance both the well-being and performance of their employees and, as a result, of the organisation as a whole.

“The response was absolutely fantastic. Attendees loved the content and the way it was delivered through a mix of lectures, exercises, discussions and practical excellence planning,” said Kevin Hart, IiE’s MD and Programme Director.

“It enabled them to build a complete picture of their potential and develop a clear understanding of how they could become excellent leaders.”

The Dean of Banku Augstskola, Professor Andris Sarnovics, who was one of those to attend the programme, described it as an “inspirational” way of building knowledge and an understanding of excellence approaches which will be applied in further developing the School’s quality assurance system and leadership.

Working with IiE since 2007, the School has used the practical framework of the IiE Standard to successfully develop its quality culture, performance and reputation.

The senior team are so inspired that they want to lead the way in Europe, encouraging businesses and universities to get involved in a European Excellence Centre to experience more of the excellence culture and IiE programmes. Anyone interested in getting involved with this European network should contact IiE.