IiE’s People Excellence Award is a pioneering improvement toolkit designed to optimise organisations’ performance.

It follows an extensive study of best practice in people leadership, management and development from around the world.

The result is an easy-to-use system enabling organisations to devise and implement a high-performance culture, with full support provided by IiE’s expert team.

The toolkit consists of the following:

  • The People Excellence framework covering the 25 strands of high people performance, with a practical ‘roadmap’ for each one.
  • A guidance manual explaining IiE’s research and how to make the system work.
  • The practical management system that structures development work towards high performance, and records the benefits as organisations progress.

Assessment and Recognition – no extra work required

Whilst the main purpose of People Excellence is to drive high performance, experience and feedback constantly tells us that organisations like to have their efforts and achievements recognised.

Your journey and achievements can be periodically assessed and certificated via the five-star awards system.

Drawing upon our extensive assessment experience over 22 years, we have devised a robust assessment system that ‘locks’ onto an organisation’s management system – so no extra work is required.

We simply assess your self-assessment and provide feedback – for example, if you believe you are a three-star organisation we will check if you have the necessary evidence of performance improvement.


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