New leadership courses launched for Accounts Payable Association
Jamie Radford and Kevin Hart


As a leader or prospective leader, we all should continuously improve, these are days when you’re able to make a difference and achieve your goals. You feel confident and energised. On days like this, you’re at your very best, the person you always want to be, but on other days, you go down a negative path, with pressures and doubts making you feel like a lesser version of yourself. ‘Excellerate Together’ will help you be the leader you want to be, every day. You’ll focus on seven key Excellence traits: Set, Believe, See, Expect, Look, Own and Track; to increase your capacity, capability, outputs, and ultimately results. Exercises and frameworks covered in this presentation, as well as additional tried and tested tools and techniques, help you apply the seven Excellence traits. With these comprehensive tools, you’ll be better positioned to tap into and expand your capacity and capability, so that you can be your best, sustain yourself, and thrive.

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